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"Creative without strategy is called art. Creative with strategy is called advertising."

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Why It’s Important to Answer “Why?” in Advertising

Why (apart from how) is one of the strongest questions asked in this industry. No matter what department you’re in at an agency, this question why gets thrown out a lot. And if you’re the one responsible for giving an answer, you better be prepared. Otherwise, your idea, your pitch, your entire reasoning will fall flat. 

“Why did you choose those colours?” “Why are we spending x-amount of $$ in social media?” “Why did we go with this tagline?” Whether you’re in accounts, creative, media, production, etc. - every decision you make requires some sort of logic.  

It’s important to ask yourself the question why because it not only demonstrates the purpose of your actions but it also makes you accountable. This simple question and answer exercise might sound like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised to learn how often this question gets overlooked. 

Asking why also helps to explain to your co-workers and clients what it is that you’re doing. Revealing your thought process can turn an idea from senseless to smart if people understand the brilliance behind it. 

Lastly, answering why gives you credibility. Imagine your client or your boss asking you why and your response is “I don’t know” or worse (silence). Either way, it doesn’t make you look good. Even if your answer isn’t one that they agree with, that’s OK. It just means that they might need more information. Give them as much concrete rationale as you can and maybe you’ll change their viewpoint. And if not, at least you gave them your answer and they will give you theirs. There’s no room for obscurity. 

So the next time you create anything, stop and think about why you’re doing it. It’s one of the most valuable things you can do. No question about it ;) 


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"You should start projects because you feel like you are going to either explode, or vomit, or both. You’ve gotta have that kind of burning desire in your stomach to do it."  — Kate Bingaman Burt


"You should start projects because you feel like you are going to either explode, or vomit, or both. You’ve gotta have that kind of burning desire in your stomach to do it."
— Kate Bingaman Burt


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Creatives: True or false? Leave a comment below. 

Creatives: True or false? Leave a comment below. 

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The desire to create…

The desire to create…

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Be willing to work for work. 

Be willing to work for work. 

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Paperman is one of the BEST short films I have ever seen. It’s proof that a simple concept is often the most effective. Simply beautiful. 

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Love your Mentor

It’s tough starting out in this business. It’s competitive, it’s mentally exhausting and it can be a financial struggle. The process can be so difficult that it might be more than you can handle. But often times, the greater the hardship you face -  the greater the reward is. And that’s where a mentor comes in.

A mentor is one of the most valuable people you are ever going to meet in your whole life. EVER. So listen up: 

Always give your mentor the utmost respect

Imagine your advertising career as if you were walking on a tight rope 100 feet in the air - for the first time. Scary right? Well your mentor is the meshy net that’s underneath you. He or she is your lifesaver. They will keep you from falling. And plummeting to the ground.

They are the ones who will show you the ropes and who will keep you walking in the right direction. 

If you’re on the lookout for a mentor, or have one in your midst right now - here are 5 reasons why you’d be lucky to have one and why they deserve your admiration.

#1. They give you your shot. This is what you’ve been WAITING for! This person is actually giving you a chance. Without them, you are an advertising hopeful waiting to get your foot in the door. 

#2: They believe in you. They are giving you a chance because they think you could have potential. And there’s no greater feeling than having someone see the passion that’s inside you and the greatness that is just waiting to get out. 

#3: They give you the freedom to grow. Mentors determine your learning curve. They give you challenges that they feel you can handle, when you’re ready. It’s a kind of guidance that gives you enough room to enhance your creativity, without overstepping either of your comfort levels.

#4: They give you their knowledge. When you get a mentor, you also get their years experience and knowledge. They pass on nuggets of information that they’ve learned along the way. And if you’re smart, you’ll take them with you.

#5: They give you experience. The only way you’re going to know if you can do a task is if you try it. Mentors let you try things. They watch you move along as you either fail or succeed. Expect to learn lessons in either outcome.

Another thing to point out is that mentors don’t owe you a single thing. They are helping you out of the kindess of their hearts. So appreciate them and be grateful.

To this day, I am extremely grateful for my mentor. She is one of the most talented creative people I know and I am so lucky to have learned from her. She gave me my start and for that I give her my never-ending thanks.