22 6 / 2012


I loved this blog post by Adam Pierno, Creative Director, Partners + Napier Atlanta called Question the Answers. In it, he explains why/how questions are important to solving a client’s problem. By asking the right questions, you can find the right solution. 

"Creative people are smart. They want to create things, yes. But they really want to take problems apart and solve them. More and more often, there isn’t even a set expectation of what format the solution needs to take. I can’t think of a brief that I’ve worked on where some of the conversation wasn’t about the business problem itself. Not talking about ideas for how to communicate to the audience, or position the client’s product, but actually asking questions about the product. Where is it made? How will it be packaged? What’s the sales process like? What’s the margin? You want people to use it like this, but are we okay with it if they use it like this?"

Questions help creatives to expand their thinking, understand the brand, identity the problem and ultimately figure out a solution. Just think about how many avenues a discussion could go just by asking one simple question. Often times, you’ll be amazed at what you find out once you’re done talking. 

Read Adam’s full post here